Tide Clima


Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Tide, a water dragon born in the 2000's who likes to code games and apps.

Check this page to see some cool projects



Final project for the course I studied. Made for learn, uses FSMs (Finite State Machines) for the bee's ai combined with Unity's Navmesh. I made everything in this project (exceptuating the skybox and the wind shader), so I could grasp what does it feel to 3d model, texture paint, program, compose music, etc...

🐝You can try it here 🐝

Behind My World


Swap between 2 dimensions to reach the final doors, can be played alone or with a friend


Participant of MalagaJam2022 and GlobalJam2022

Crazy Goats

Web / Windows / Android

An Angry Birds clone made for fun and learning.

Programmer and drawing artist

Castle Frog

Windows / Android

Frogs and Health bar programmer

Also helped my team as much as they helped me 😊

Winner of a Margot Talent Game Jam

Would you Bet?


My first game with just one level and an original mechanic.